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ON A DESKTOP OR LAPTOP: Open the PDF eBook using the free PDF reader from Adobe. Click Here To Get The Free PDF Reader

ON A TABLET OR IPAD: Click the link to your PDF eBook and choose "Open with iBook" or any app installed on your tablet that opens a PDF file.
All our audio books are in .MP3 format. You can just click the link to your audio book and you can play it directly through streaming.

Or you can download it to your computer. Right-click an MP3 file and choose Play from the menu that appears. Run Windows Media Player. You can always display the tracks you added to your collection by clicking the Music entry in the Navigation pane on the left of the window. To play a specific audio book, double-click it in the track list.

Or download your MP3 audio books and import to your iPhone, iPod or any music player as usual.
Most of our video courses are in .MP4 format which plays on all modern computers and tablets just by clicking/tapping on the file.

For older versions of PC computers, click here.
All our .EXE software are for Windows only. Mac users can use Parallels or something similar. Just double-click the .EXE software and follow the prompts.

IMPORTANT: If your anti-virus software prompts you that our software is infected, don't panic. Most anti-virus program would think that any unknown .EXE file is infected. Some anti-virus programs will even just delete anything they don't recognize. The only solution is to exclude our software from virus checking which is safe to do.
In WordPress 2.7 and above you can install plugins directly from the admin area. Download the plugin to your computer then log in to your WP admin area and go to Plugins > Add New. Browse to the plugin archive and select it. Then click Install Now and the plugin will be installed shortly.
All our products are digital and downloadable in nature. After anyone downloads our products, we can't stop digital piracy and illegal sharing. Because of this, we cannot offer any refund on our products.

CASE-TO-CASE BASIS: If for any reason our product does not work, we will replace your product within 90 days of purchase or give you a purchase credit to replace your product with another product on our store.
Yes. We can replace any defective product at any time. We can also replace an product with another product if your purchased product does not work.
We currently don't have an affiliate program but we do have a partner program where you can have your own store like ours. Click Here for More Information